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Karen mak

Associate director


Karen Mak is a zealous traveler, her passion for design and people takes her all around the world.  After completing her Hons. B.A. in Architectural Studies at the University of Toronto in 2004, she returned to Hong Kong to pursue a career in Architecture, Interiors and Project Management.


Joining our company in 2006, Karen is a dynamic member of the executive leadership team. As Associate Director of HCL, Karen has a wide-ranging experience in the design and project management of numerous large-scale projects, including F&B venues for the Hong Kong Jockey Club, the Venetian Macao, Sands Macao, Four Seasons Macao and Shun Tak, as well as commercial, retail and residential projects throughout Hong Kong, China and Macau.


Karen is a gifted communicator with a natural ability to connect with people, playing a pivotal role in building positive and long-term working relationships with clients, consultants, contractors and business partners alike.  She is sensitive to her client’s vision, consistently contributing to a conversational and fruitful design process with tangible results.


With an innate sense of design and a solid grasp of project management skills, Karen oversees and navigates the delicate balance between aesthetics, cost and time for each and every project, from concept development to completion.

麥倩婷 2004 年畢業於加拿大多倫多大學,獲建築系學士學位。回港後,從事建築設計、室內設計及項目管理。熱衷旅遊,喜愛探索新文化並建立人與人之間的連結,其足跡踏遍世界各地,開啟了設計文化的新視野。


2006 年加盟顯思創作,擔任副總監,跟隨文國權先生至今,成為公司團隊管理重要成員之一。曾參與多個本地及國際品牌的餐飲設計項目及管理,包括香港賽馬會、澳門金沙/澳門威尼斯人、信德集團等;並於香港、中國及澳門統籌多個商業及住宅項目。


具備與生俱來的溝通天賦, 在項目中擔當重要橋樑, 整合團隊,並與客戶、顧問、承包商及合作伙伴建立雙向且有效的溝通與合作模式。 以客戶的角度思考,確保提案策略得以貫徹執行,並取得實質成果。



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